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Should my child bring their own snacks and lunch to school?

Healthy snacks and lunches are served to all students during school hours.  Click here for the general meal plan.

How are birthdays celebrated at the Gan?

Please reach out to the director to arrange a birthday celebration for your child with their class during school hours. 

What does a typical day at the Gan look like?

At the Gan, our focus is on learning new skills and growing in a healthy social setting. Each day is planned to most effectively help the students discover their abilities. Click here to see the sample schedule. 

Are electronics used by the students during school time?

The Chabad Preschool has a no-electronics policy, as explained in our Screen Time Policy. Staff are instructed to leave their phones silenced and out of sight, except in an emergency.

Does my child have nap time in school?

All students are encouraged to take a nap to refresh themselves during the hour after lunch. No child is forced to nap, but the atmosphere will remain conducive to rest for those that would like to. Older students may receive one on one instruction in more advanced skills during this time. 

What type of Jewish education will my child receive in The Chabad Preschool?

The Chabad Preschool is open to Jews from all walks of life. Judaism is a source of pride in our school and we take joy in learning about the upcoming holidays and Jewish themes. 

What is a Mitzvah Note?

Please send your child to school with a Mitzvah Note, recording a mitzvah or good deed that they did since they were last in school. Your child's teacher may provide themed notes for you to write the Mitzvah note on and it will be hung up in our classroom each day. 

What is a Shabbos Imma or Abba?

Students will have the opportunity to lead the Shabbat party on Fridays and hand out the Shabbat treat to their friends throughout the school year.

Please find our Discipline Policy here.


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