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Kids in Daycare


גן אלמדן

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Registration is now open!

Welcome to our Jewish daycare! 


Jewish Values

Our Jewish values power the curriculum, environment, and school culture


Nurturing Care

Each child is valued as a delicate seed and is nurtured with utmost care and attention


Beautiful Environment

Warm and inviting home setting


Dedicated Staff

Our sensitive and caring staff bring a special blend of professional skills and personal experience to each 


Daily Schedule

We offer a half day option or extended care until 5:00pm. Click here to see our sample schedule.


Nutritious Hot Lunches

We provide home-cooked, wholesome lunches and a healthy snack

Events & Workshops

Mommy and Me


Once a month, join Morah Liram for some circle time and a Jewish story with your toddler. Connect with other moms and tots during this special Mommy and me. 


With crafts and nature, The Jewish Preschool uses children's innate abilities to develop the skills they need. Torah fun infuses a spark of passion to each of our activities.

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