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Helps Local Families in Need

Raising 50K For Jews in Crisis

Dear friend,  

We hope you are doing well and keeping positive during this challenging time. COVID-19 has affected us all, but some are unfortunately struggling with its effects right now.

Over the last few weeks, many calls for help came in. Jewish families in S. Jose are in great need of urgent financial assistance, with loss of income, on the brink of eviction notices, and without any money to put bread on the table for their young children.

"All Jews are responsible for one another" (Talmud Shevuot 39a) Please help us help them. Open your heart and reach out to help another with the resources you have.

We have created an emergency fund for $50,000 to help our fellow Jews in the community. Donate here and make a difference in someone's life. 

May G-D grant you and yours much health and happiness with an abundance of blessings in all areas.

Thank you,

Rabbi Mendel Weinfeld

COVID19 Community efforts
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