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Dear Community,


Mazel Tov! Mazel Tov!... With gratitude to the Almighty, I am pleased to report that something truly wonderful, historic, and momentous has occurred for the San Jose Jewish Community...


Just five short months after a devastating fire destroyed our synagogue and community center, we have closed escrow on a property that – once it is remodeled to our specifications – will serve as a beautiful and spacious new home for the community!


Even as the embers were still smoldering, we resolved to not expend undue energy mourning what was lost, but to instead turn our attention toward “rising from the ashes” by rebuilding bigger and better! After all, that has long been the Jewish response to tragedy and misfortune.


The extraordinary response from across the entire spectrum of this community – both in terms of moral and financial support – has been absolutely incredible and uplifting! To date, no less than 3,764 families (!) have contributed to our rebuilding effort. The outpouring of love and support provided the motivation and wherewithal for us to act so boldly and decisively.


With its 29,000 square-foot footprint and 8,750 square feet of usable space, the newly-acquired property – prominently situated on Almaden Expressway – will bring much light and warmth to the community and be our home for generations to come!


When I say our, I mean all of ours! Be it for school, holiday, synagogue, outreach, social service or adult education programs, the doors of this new center will be open to young and old from all walks of life – regardless of background, affiliation or level of observance. True to the Chabad motif, it will be a warm, welcoming, friendly and nonjudgmental Jewish “home away from home” for everyone!


It is my hope and prayer that this expansion will be the beginning of much growth to the Jewish community, all congregations will prosper, and Jewish life in San Jose will flourish.


With abounding gratitude and heartfelt blessings to you and yours, I remain,


Rabbi Mendel Weinfeld



PS – The planning, design, security assessments, and working to obtain permits will begin straightway, during which time we are blessed with a short-term, rent-paying tenant occupying the space.

If you like to get further involved or discuss this project with me personally, please feel free to call me at (408) 910-2034. Thank you and G-d bless you!

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